Eat and Sleep

Friday, 15 April 2016 11:19

Hotel / Restaurant Le Pantruche

From the classic 1940s décor, you would never suspect that you’re about to enter one of the best bistros in Paris. Do not be intimidated by the shoulder-to-shoulder atmosphere: this is one of the staples of Parisian life and the best ice-breaker for Parisians too often (and unjustly) reputed as distant. Another surprise awaits you inside: the black boarded menu is only 19 € for lunch and 32€ for dinner (wine not included). In other words, a steal for the stunning quality of the food. Open the menu and feel your mouth watering at the oyster tartare with lettuce cream,…
Friday, 15 April 2016 17:21

Restaurant Zarma

You just have half an hour for your lunch break today, grab a kebap like most students do in Paris (don’t try to eat in less than thirty minutes though…. You will look like an alien and it’s bad for your body!) You will see hundreds of signs showing a reverse brown pyramid: this is roll of veal’s meat. This roll is a kebap or a kebab. Be discriminating and don’t try the first kebab restaurant or so called “grecque” restaurant that you’ll see, your stomach may not survive it. When in Pigalle just go down south one street and…